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Steve Robertson Mar 20 Wild Divine - General / Sun Realm

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User Manual

We strongly suggest starting with the User Manual for Sun Realm. You can download the Sun Realm User Manual by clicking HERE

iom or Lightstone Sensors

Sun Realm will work with both iom (white) or Lightstone (blue) sensors. Sun Realm requires the iom Driver to connect your sensors to the program. If you do not have the iom Driver with the GREEN butterfly installed please click HERE and follow directions for your platform (PC or Mac).


Looking around - Move the trackpad or mouse on your computer to adjust the 3-D view on your screen.

Moving forward - Hold down the trackpad with one finger (if using a mac) or left-click on the mouse to move forward.

Moving backward - Hold down double finger click (if using a mac) or right click to move backwards. 

Jumping - Press the spacebar to jump.

Fast sideways walking - You can also use your side arrows to move sideways quickly.

Enter key - Toggle the enter key and it will make your mouse visible/invisible on your computer

H Key - If you get lost at any point along your journey, you can always press the ‘h’ key or down arrow and you will return in your boat.

Note: The whole of the Murdias River Valley is a place of safety and serenity. You will never die in this magical place. If you fall from a great height, you will simply glide gently down.


Basic Game Play

This journey has no set path. It is meant to be discovered by each player in a unique individual way. 

Anchors and the boat

The anchors are places where you can get aboard or park your boat. While in the boat, you can drive up to an anchor and you will be pushed onto the landing.

Retrieving the boat

You always have two ways to get back into your boat. The first way is to go up to the anchor point and once the anchor becomes visible moving up and down, breathe with the anchor as it moves and the boat with slowly drift towards you until it is close enough for you to walk in or you can use the ‘h’ key on your keyboard if using a Mac or the down arrow key if using a Windows computer. This shortcut will land you in your boat from anywhere in the game. 

Navigating across water 

To navigate along the Murdias river, you must do so by boat. Navigating across the water is very similar to navigating on land by holding your left-click mouse to go forward and right-click mouse to go backwards. While in the boat you can also control your speed by breathing with the oars of the boat.

IOM Events

Events are activities that utilize the IOM device in learning or practicing a specific skill. Each event has an “activation zone” where you must continue towards an event until you see a change occur or an object glow a certain color.  As you approach an event object, the object will glow. The color indicates what type of event it is:

  • Red/Orange/Gold: Invigorate (raise your energy through laughter/ shouting/ breathing heavily)
  • Blue/Purple: Relax (calm your energy by breathing deeply and slowly)
  • Green: Heart Breath or HRV (inhale to the count of 5 and exhale to the count of 5). 

Difficulty Level

You can select your difficulty level for the IOM sensitivity at the beginning of the game in the Heart Temple. As you walk towards the anchor point the partial circle of lanterns with balls on top are indicators of the level. The lantern closest to the main part of the Heart Temple is the easiest setting and as you move towards the lantern closer to the anchor-place each lanterns gets progressively harder with the lantern closest to the anchor being the hardest level. As you approach a lantern, you will notice the lantern glow purple. The setting becomes active when you see flames shoot out from the top of the lantern. 


EMAIL - Send an email to to open a Support Request

WEB - or click HERE to open a Support Request

John England November 19, 2013 1 Wild Divine - General / Facebook and iOM Online


  • Wild Divine programs having difficulty connecting to the iom Driver. 
  • While using Wild Divine programs, heart rate stabilizes and doesn't vary or change over time. 

Overview:  Since the introduction of OS X 10.9, Mavericks has introduced a new power saving feature called App Nap. App nap detects applications that aren't visible to the user, and puts them into a lower power mode. When the iom Driver is put into this mode, it sometimes doesn't detect incoming requests, or doesn't process biodata the way that it normally does. App Nap can be disabled on a per program basis, and the solution is to disable it for the iom Driver. 


1.  if the iom Driver is running, close the application by selecting Quit  on the pull down menu of the IOM Driver (green butterfly) up in the menu bar.

2.  Go to the Applications folder

3.  Select the IOM Driver application and press command + i on your keyboard for Get Info or control-click to get the contextual menu where you can select Get Info.  You should see this picture below on the left hand side of your screen.


4.  Select Prevent App Nap, and close the window.

5. Start the iom Driver. At this point it should function as expected.

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If you are continuing to have problems, make sure the IOM driver application is "allowed" in your firewall (under Security & Privacy) as well if you have it enabled.  For further information on your firewall in OS X, please see this ARTICLE.

If you are still experiencing issues you can open a Support Request by clicking HERE.

Steve Robertson April 06, 2012 Wild Divine - General / General FAQs

Our KNOWLEDGE BASE has many great support articles and videos available to help you with any question or issue you may be have with our products. Simply enter your question or issue in the SEARCH box above to find answers. If you need further assistance, you can contact the Wild Divine Help Desk via multiple channels:

EMAIL - Send an email to to open a Support Request

WEB - or click HERE to open a Support Request

PHONE - 866-594-9453 - Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time 


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